Big Data: The Real Kingmaker in Democracy

Christopher Wylie: A Brave Whistleblower

Tweet by Edward Snowden in March 2018

Thanks to the whistleblower Christopher Wylie! The latest data breach saga has not only created an air of tension among the users of social media and advertisers but also become a premonition of the death of Facebook .

Why Is Cambridge Analytica Making Headlines?

History of Cambridge Analytica

Instances of Data Breach by CA to Restructure Socio-Political Campaigns

1.Honour Killing Project, India

2. US Presidential Election

3. Brexit


I can say that some of the political victories in the last few years are pyrrhic and there is a question mark on the transparency of the electoral process.



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Suraj Panigrahi

Suraj Panigrahi

Education Blogger | Biomedical Engineer | Mechanical Engineer